After Care

You received your new hair, what now? Follow our guide below to ensure your hair remains in the condition you bought it in.

Keep your hair clean!

Dirty hair can cause product build-up and affect the shine and natural lustre of your hair extensions. We recommend you wash your extensions at least once per week. Always be sure to detangle before shampooing to minimise breakage. Keeping your hair clean and free of product build-up, will allow your hair to truly shine.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

All hair can be prone to dryness. We recommend that you take your time to deep condition you hair between 1-2x per month. Deep conditioning helps to restore the lost moisture to hair, which is essential for hair extensions, as it does not receive the same moisture from the natural oils produced from our scalp.  Regular deep conditioning is essential for courser hair types, such as our curly hair, as this texture is more prone to breakage and damage.

Drying your hair extensions

We recommend that you're really gently in drying your hair to avoid excess heat damage. We always recommend that you allow your hair to air dry overnight, as excess use of dryers can cause your hair stands to become brittle and prone to breakage.  

Brush that hair out!

To avoid tangling, we recommend you braid or twist at night before going to bed. We also recommend using a satin bonnet and pillowcase to minimize tangling while asleep. Also, NEVER sleep on wet/damp hair, as this can cause tangling and breakage.

Finally, Less is More!

For the best results, we recommend refraining from using products that contain heavy oils, alcohol, and sulfate. For product recommendations, please refer to our blog, where we provide free tips in maintaining your hair extensions.

Hope that helps in keeping up with your Didi Wigs! We are always available to help. Please refer to our 'Contact Us' page if you need further guidance.